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Are you ready to discover all the benefits and features that make Click Tracker Plus™ the perfect solution to your click tracker and rotator needs?

What is Click Tracker Plus™?

Click Tracker Plus™ is a streamlined, fast, low cost and easy to use PHP script that installs on your server. It provides all the core features you need for click tracking, link rotation and pixel tracking.

It’s packed with powerful features that are perfect for tracking and managing links in email campaigns, solo ads and websites.

Click Tracker Plus™ provides you with these feature packed core services.

1. Easy to use click trackers that provide you with the control and statistics you need.

2. Fast link rotators that can be configured to work the way you need them to. Click Tracker Plus™ rotators provide you with easy to read and understand statistics for both you and your clients.

3. Pixel tracking capabilities to help you track actions, conversions, engagements and sales with ease.

Click Tracker Plus™ is perfect for solo ad sellers, solo ad buyers, and email marketers.

Click Tracker Plus™

Top Features of Click Tracker Plus™

Here are some of the many cool features you will find in Click Tracker Plus™.

Easy to Use Click Trackers

With Click Tracker Plus™ you can create as many easy to use click trackers as you need. Click trackers can be used to track and control inbound links and outbound links.

The click trackers you create using Click Tracker Plus™ support GEO targeting and blocking. You can also select to block anonymous proxies, clicks from Amazon AWS IP addresses, search engine crawlers and all types of bots.

Click Tracker Plus™ click trackers can be set to track surfers by IP address and by cookie.

You can even select to send traffic from different device types to different URL addresses.

Take a look at the features page for all the powerful features of Click Tracker Plus™ click trackers.

Easy to Use Click Trackers

Multiple Rotator Types

Click Tracker Plus™ has multiple rotator types that you can use to rotate links. You can create series, rotate and random style link rotators.

Each rotator you create can contain as many links as you desire. You can even chain rotators together to create an advanced link rotation network.

Each rotator you create can be set to block all anonymous proxies, clicks from Amazon AWS IP addresses, search engine crawlers and bots of all types.

Link rotators created using Click Tracker Plus™ support full GEO targeting of clicks at the link level. You can even target by device type at the link level.

Minimum and maximum T1 click percentages can also be set for each link in a rotator. You can also set the minimum and maximum of mobile traffic to send to each link.

Links can also be set to only deliver clicks between specific dates if you desire.

Take a look at the features page for a full list of link rotator features available.

Multiple Rotator Types

Just the Stats you Need

To make intelligent business decisions, you need easy to understand statistics. Most click trackers give you extensive stats that can easily confuse you.

Click Tracker Plus™ gives you just the stats you really need without the confusion.

At a glance, you can quickly tell how a traffic source is doing or how many qualified clicks you have sent to a client.

Click Tracker Plus™ provides quick access to total clicks, unique click counts, T1 click counts, blocked click counts, conversion stats and more.

You can even provide clear and easy to understand stats to clients. Client stats are available for click trackers and link rotator links.

In the rare case when you need extensive reporting, you can easily export the data you need to a spreadsheet to do in-depth analysis.

Just the Stats you Need

Client Stats

You can provide stats to each of your clients in easy to read and understand form.

Click Tracker Plus™ allows you to create client stats pages for any click tracker or rotator links you choose.

Client stats are live and updated in real time.

All you do is send your client a URL to access the stats page.

Client Stats

Intelligent Pixel Conversion Tracking

It’s hard to run a successful business without knowing your conversion rates from different traffic sources.

Click Tracker Plus™ allows you to setup and track conversions easily.

You can track multiple types of conversions including actions, conversions, engagements and even sales.

It’s easy to create a pixel tracker using Click Tracker Plus™ and add it to any page you would like to track.

Intelligent Pixel Conversion Tracking

Built in Bot, Crawler and Anonymous Proxy Blocking

Click Tracker Plus™ has your back covered. It has built in bot, crawler and anonymous proxy blocking.

Click Tracker Plus™ let’s through the clicks you want while blocking the undesirable traffic you don’t.

These built in databases are constantly being updated to help protect your business from fraud and low quality traffic.

If you buy or sell solo ads, it is especially important to block bots, crawlers and anonymous proxies from getting through to your clients or on to your email lists.

Built in Bot, Crawler and Anonymous Proxy Blocking

Works Great Across All Device Types

The Click Tracker Plus™ admin area uses a modern flat design that is fully mobile responsive. This allows you to access the admin area using your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Click Tracker Plus™ adapts to the device you are on. It adapts to the way you like to work. It does not force you to adapt to it like so many outdated programs do.

You will have an excellent experience using Click Tracker Plus™ regardless of your device preference.

Works Great Across All Device Types

Why Should you Choose Click Tracker Plus™?

Click Tracker Plus™ Saves you Money

Since The Click Tracker Plus™ is a script that is installed on your server, you don’t have to pay high monthly recurring fees to use a click tracker service.

Most click tracker services charge you higher and higher monthly fees as your business grows. Not with The Click Tracker Plus™! You pay a low one time fee to purchase a software license to use the script on your site.

By purchasing The Click Tracker Plus™ you can save a lot of money that can be spent on things that make you money. Don’t overpay for click tracking anymore.

Click Tracker Plus™ Saves you Money

Self Hosted or Hosted? What is the Better Option?

With the availability of both hosted and self hosted click trackers, you have options. You can pay high monthly fees for your click tracker needs or a low one time charge for your click tracking needs.

Let’s take a look at other reasons why going with a self hosted click tracker is the safer and better deal for any serious business person.

Redirect Speeds

Most hosted click trackers place everyone on a single server or group of servers. To make more money they often oversell their bandwidth. This causes extreme slowdowns of click redirects.

The slower the click redirect, the more traffic you lose to surfers not wanting to wait for a page to load.

With self hosted, you are in control of your bandwidth needs. You can easily scale your server as your needs grow.

A self hosted click tracker puts you in control. Not some service.

Accounts Shut Down Without Notice

This is a big one. Many business owners that use hosted click trackers wakeup to a nightmare. They start their business day and find out that none of their traffic purchases are going to their intended targets.

They then discover that their click tracker host has shut them down without any notice or warning. They usually claim that you violated some obscure term or rule. They did not even give you a chance to fix the problem. They just killed your income.

With a self hosted click tracker, you are in control of your your business and income. Don’t let a click tracker service dictate how you should run your business. Take control of your own business by going the self hosted route.

IP and Domain Reputation Problems

Many hosted click tracker services run into IP and domain reputation problems frequently. All of the sudden, your clicks are being blocked and your income is plummeting.

It usually takes a long time for the hosted click tracker service to even acknowledge they have a serious problem. Then, a longer time to fix it. All this time, you are paying then high monthly fees and losing money for their problem.

With self hosted, you are in total control of your IP and domain reputation. If you ever run into a problem, you can get things fixed and running at full speed again quickly and easily.

Need to Customize the Click Tracker you use?

Well, with a hosted service, that’s just not going to happen. You have to adapt to the service they provide you.

With a self hosted script, you can have it modified to work the exact way you want. You are in control, not some high priced service.

You have a choice, you can be at the total mercy of a high priced click tracker service, or you can take 100% total control of your click tracker needs. The choice is yours to make.

Go self hosted and reap all the benefits starting today.

The Winner is Self-Hosted

It’s Time to Take Total Control of Your Click Tracker Needs!

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